Choosing the Best Eye Doctor for Your Family

The American Academy of Ophthalmology stresses the importance of starting good eye care at home. Choosing an eye health provider for your family is a must but requires careful deliberation. Here are the details to consider in picking the best eye doctor for you and your family.

What an Eye Doctor Is

An eye doctor focuses on the medical and surgical care of the visual system and the eyes. This healthcare professional is licensed to check, diagnose, manage, and treat multiple eye conditions. An eye doctor can work with other doctors. Doing so ensures the combination of therapies and medications boosts your eye health and resolves the problem.

Check the Credentials

The family eye doctor must have the necessary education and training for the job. The healthcare professional must have the skills and experience to deal with any eye or vision issue. After four years of undergraduate college, the doctor must have spent another four years to get a medical degree in optometry. Your family eye doctor must not have any disciplinary or malpractice cases. There are websites indicating the information you need to check an eye doctor’s background.

Ask for Recommendations

You can ask your family or friends for recommendations. Your primary care provider can also suggest a reputable colleague. Research the suggestions diligently before selecting an eye doctor for your family. Recommendations can significantly cut down your research time.

Assess the Manner of Communication

A good family eye doctor must know how to communicate well. Each member of your family has a different age group. The dentist must know how to explain each eye problem or treatment to each of them. Your family eye doctor must welcome your questions. Note how the eye doctor responds. The explanation must be easy to understand.

It is important for the eye doctor to have a genuine interest in you and your family. Your family eye doctor must always consider your preferences. Your decisions must also hold water in your procedures and treatments. This will help secure a good working relationship.

Families tend to have different needs because of the different genders and ages. Patience is important in dealing with family members, especially with very young patients and old, irritable ones. For example, the doctor must incorporate games when seeing the kids. Different strategies apply to each patient. One eye doctor for the whole family is ideal. It saves time. It also allows the eye doctor to paint a complete picture of your family’s eye health.

Consider the Gender

This is an important factor in choosing your family eye doctor. Your family must be comfortable with having either a male or a female eye doctor. Most patients like female eye doctors better than they do males. Extensive experience can help the eye doctor deal with patients of different genders.

Choosing the right eye doctor can result in good eye health for your entire family. At Performance Vision Center, we help families achieve good eye health by providing the right screenings and treatments. Feel free to visit our enter in Winter Park, Florida, for a one-on-one consultation. Call 407-890-0201 to schedule an appointment or inquire about our roster of reputable and licensed eye doctors.

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