How Sports Vision Therapy Improves Athletic Performance

The International Sports Vision Association believes in improving eye health for better athletic performance. Players of all ages must have good vision to perform better during training and the game itself. Sports vision training helps make this happen. Here are the details of how sports vision therapy can improve your athletic performance.

How Sports Vision Therapy Works

This type of therapy or training aims to improve your visual abilities as an athlete. It can help you master your sport better. Every activity in this therapy is specific to your sport. The program is tailor-fit to your needs as an athlete. Here are some of the abilities that sports vision therapy focuses on:

  • Focusing.

  • Eye-hand coordination.

  • Peripheral vision.

  • Dynamic visual acuity.

  • Visual reaction time.

  • Tracking.

You may be working extra hard to address your weaknesses but still find yourself underperforming. This may be a sign that a visual issue is holding back your progress and success. Visual screening can predict your performance. The results will show how well you play and where you are having trouble.

The Reason for Sports Vision Therapy

Studies show that at least 80 percent of what you learn is from what you see. Your eyes direct your body’s movements and reactions. That figure goes up when you play sports. Sports vision screenings show that athletes with the highest level of vision are the athletes who take the medals.

Visual problems will show in your performance on the field. But these areas can improve through sports vision therapy. Through screening results, athletes and coaches can focus on the problem areas. Improving the athletes’ sports vision can lead to their success.

The Kinds of Sports That Benefit From Clear Vision

Every sport needs a clear vision. Running toward a goal in an enormous field may seem easy, but you need good eyesight to focus on your destination. Shooting a ball into a net several feet away will be possible if you have perfect vision. Here are the few sports fields that consider vision a critical component for victory:

  • Archery needs all the visual abilities discussed.

  • Golf needs a well-aligned body and great eyesight to visualize and execute the shot.

  • Football needs players who can react in a split second.

Peak Sports Performance Comes From Enhanced Vision

Research shows that athletes should begin vision care by pinpointing the visual factors that help them achieve peak performance. That is why sports vision therapy is becoming more popular among players and coaches. The therapy helps athletes discover how well their vision helps them on the field or on the court. Finding out their weaknesses allows coaches and trainers to concentrate on adjusting their strategies. This will let them improve their strategies during training and game proper.

You can improve your athletic abilities by going through sports vision therapy. At Performance Vision Center, we help our patients perform well in their chosen sports by improving their sports vision. Please visit our center in Winter Park, Florida, for an in-person consultation. Call us at 407-890-0201 to schedule an appointment or inquire about our sports vision therapy packages.

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